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Boost Your Notary Business in December: Effective Strategies with Real-Life Examples

December, often perceived as a slow month for businesses, holds untapped potential for notaries. With the right strategies, you can significantly boost your business during this festive season. This post will explore practical strategies accompanied by real-life examples to help you attract more clients in December.

The Notary Academy Notary Business Growth

This blog post not only equips you with effective December strategies but also inspires you through real-life success stories, demonstrating how a proactive approach can transform the typically quiet end-of-year period into a time of growth and opportunity for their business. Let's dive in.

1. Capitalize on Year-End Needs

  • Real Estate Closings: As many people aim to close real estate deals before the year ends, position yourself as a go-to notary.

    • Example: Notary A partnered with local real estate agents for end-of-year closings, resulting in a 30% business increase.

  • Legal Documents: Year-end is a time when many update or create wills and trusts. Highlight your expertise in these areas.

    • Example: Notary B created a targeted marketing campaign focusing on estate planning, drawing in a significant number of new clients.

2. Offer Holiday Specials

  • Discounted Services: Introduce a 'Holiday Special' for a limited time.

    • Example: Notary C offered a 10% discount on all services in December, leading to a surge in appointments.

  • Gift Certificates: Sell notary service gift certificates.

    • Example: Notary D found success by offering gift certificates, particularly popular among businesses for their clients.

3. Leverage Social Media

  • Seasonal Content: Share holiday-themed posts that also educate about notary services.

    • Example: Notary E’s “12 Days of Notary Tips” series on social media attracted new followers and clients.

  • Holiday Giveaways: Host a giveaway or contest to engage your audience.

    • Example: Notary F's holiday giveaway contest on Instagram increased their visibility and brought in new clients.

4. Network at Holiday Events

  • Community Events: Attend local holiday events to network.

    • Example: Notary G set up a booth at a holiday market, gaining exposure and new clients.

  • Business Mixers: Many organizations have end-of-year mixers. Use these to network, like Notary H who connected with several small business owners at a chamber of commerce holiday mixer.

5. Partner with Other Businesses

  • Collaborations: Partner with businesses like law firms or financial advisors for referrals.

    • Example: Notary I’s partnership with a local law firm proved mutually beneficial during the year-end document rush.

  • Promotional Exchanges: Exchange promotions with complementary businesses.

    • Example: Notary J exchanged flyers with a local tax preparer, leading to an influx of clients for both parties.

6. Personalized Outreach

  • Reach Out to Past Clients: Send personalized emails or cards to past clients reminding them of your services.

    • Example: Notary K’s personalized holiday emails to past clients resulted in repeat business.

  • Referral Incentives: Offer incentives for referrals.

    • Example: Notary L implemented a referral program that increased their client base by encouraging word-of-mouth.

7. Extend Your Hours

  • Flexible Scheduling: Offer extended or flexible hours to accommodate last-minute needs.

    • Example: Notary M’s decision to offer after-hours services in December catered to clients with tight schedules, increasing bookings.


December offers unique opportunities for notaries to expand their business. By implementing these strategies, you can tap into the seasonal demand and end your year with increased client engagement and revenue. Remember, creativity and adaptability are key during the festive season!

Are you looking to grow your notary business further? Check out this December Social Media Content Calendar!

Notary December Content Calendar

December Notary Content Calendar The Notary Academy

December Notary Content Calendar The Notary Academy

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