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Empower Notary Conference

Jen Neitzel

In 2017, after a decade in mortgage operations, Jen Neitzel began her career as a Notary Public, specializing in loan signings. Although sales were not her initial interest, Jen soon realized the importance of building relationships with local title offices to grow her business. She documented her marketing mistakes and successes, leading to the creation of the 5 Point Marketing System.


In July 2019, she launched Marketing4Notaries (formerly Signing Agent Marketing) to share her knowledge with notary professionals nationwide. Her no-nonsense approach focuses on transformative relationships, integrity, and traditional marketing strategies applicable to all types of notary work.

As her influence in the notary community grew, Jen became a sought-after speaker at prestigious notary events across the country. Her commitment to elevating the notary profession and teaching notary entrepreneurs to adopt a transformative mindset has made a significant impact.

In 2021, Jen co-founded Notary Business Builder with The Notary Coach, Bill Soroka, and Coach Me Laura's Laura Biewer. This advanced notary mastermind program provides high-level training and support to help notaries grow their businesses. Their latest collaboration, Trust Delivery Agent Training and Certification, equips notaries with the skills to work with the estate planning community, offering an additional income stream.

If you're a notary seeking expert coaching and a supportive community, check out Notary Business Builder. It's a safe, encouraging environment designed to help notaries succeed, regardless of economic conditions.

With her extensive experience, innovative approach, and dedication to the notary profession, Jen Neitzel is the perfect choice for the keynote speaker at the Empower Notary Summit. Her insights and strategies are sure to provide invaluable guidance and inspiration to all attendees, helping them elevate their notary businesses to new heights.

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