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Empower Notary Conference

Andrea Williamson

Andrea Williamson has been a dedicated Notary Public for nearly 15 years. In May of 2023, she took a significant leap by starting her own notary business. At the time, Andrea was seeking an opportunity to supplement her income while managing a medical practice for a solo practitioner, a role she had cherished for over a decade. She desired the flexibility to continue being an active mother of three, a supportive wife, and a committed employee.

After completing the necessary training and education, Andrea quickly launched into her new career as a Notary Signing Agent. Her business rapidly gained momentum, and she found herself notarizing documents for both commercial and residential real estate, as well as handling estate planning and various other notarial acts she hadn't encountered before. This new venture opened up a world of learning and growth for Andrea, expanding her expertise far beyond her initial expectations.

Over the past year, Andrea has immersed herself in the notary signing industry, gaining invaluable experience and insights. She discovered a deep sense of fulfillment in being part of her clients' significant milestones and special moments. This passion for her work has transformed what began as a supplementary income into a rewarding and integral part of her life.

Andrea's journey has also allowed her to engage more closely with the people and communities around her, fostering connections and making a positive impact. Her only regret is not embarking on this path sooner, as it has brought her immense satisfaction and personal growth.

With a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for her work, Andrea Williamson is excited to share her journey and insights at the Empower Notary Summit. Attendees can look forward to learning from her unique perspective on balancing multiple roles while building a successful notary business, and how to find fulfillment in every aspect of their professional endeavors.

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